The Wall House

T he Wall House is an independent space which is not functionally connected to it’s environment. It is completely closed from the outside, while it forms carefully designed spaces that project into the atrium, creating the feeling on an outside space inside the house.  Along the perimeter of the house, the outside wall performs as an inhabited space which changes it’s purpose, size and openness according to the needs of a specific room. The wall is at the same time a bathroom, a kitchen, a bookshelf or storage. The inhabitants of the house was live within a wall which changes it’s dimensions according to their spatial needs. In transitory spaces, the wall is enveloped in solid concrete, while in the rooms one side of the concrete barrier becomes glass, opening the spaces towards the atrium. Each room can be treated like a separate unit by keeping the glass planes closed, or like a common area by opening the glass planes and connecting all the rooms into a big common space.

obiteljska render 1

obiteljska render 2
obiteljska render 7

obiteljska render 3

tlocrtpresjeci 1
presjeci 2


Zagreb, 2008