Home and Park for the Elderly

T he home for the elderly is located in Labin (Istra, Croatia). The terrain where the building is located was very rough so the entire building is composed around two big depressions in the terrain. The entrance is located on the 1st floor which has direct access to the street. Common areas are located in the same wing while the living quarters are located in a longitudinal building which was placed along the hillside. The room all face towards a large public park (see Labin Public Park) which allows for peace and quiet for all the tenants. Beside the adjacent public park, the home also has two enclosed outside areas which are located in the terrain depressions which also allows for peace and security for the tenants.


The park consists of 6 different areas which allow for the user to experience 6 different ambients while passing trough the park. All the ambients are characteristic for the Istria (Croatia). The southern part of the park consists of local vegetation that has been there for centuries. Walking towards the northern parts of the park the visitor experiences  a scent park which is planted with different types of herbs and spices, a vineyard, an edible garden with local fruits, a stone garden, an olive garden and a mock city which also represents the highest part of the park from which you can see the surrounding area.

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Coauthor: Marija Horvat

Labin, 2010