Senj Squares

T he project addresses the design of two squares in the Croatian coastal city of Senj and their interconnecting street. Since one of the squares was in direct contact with the coastal line, the sea was used as an inspiration for the concept. Waves are used to interpret the multipurpose sloping surface located on one of the squares which is used both for sitting, relaxing and as an amphitheater. Seagulls were an inspiration for the design and disposition of the lamps located in the the narrow street connecting the two squares. The design of sails on sailboats is used as sun protection for the existing cafes on the squares and inside the houses on the street connecting the two squares. Corten (a type of aged steel material) is used for the benches and info boards on the squares as an association to old ships. The square that is located closer to the coastal line is used for relaxation and contemplation while the inner square is planed to be used for different types of festivities and activities that occur year round in Senj.




Coauthor: Marija Horvat

Senj, 2010