Urban Circus

T he design concept is based on a moving performance with the audience traveling through the space and stopping or moving along beside a performance box. The performers are situated inside boxes that are distributed throughout the space of the existing church on various levels and are in various sizes depending on the type of performance that are going on inside of them. The audience is traveling from the ground floor through the church by the means of narrow passages and ramps that are suspended in the air and ascend gradually towards the top floor that is located under the roof of the church and contains a small cafe for the visitors. The performance type that was chosen for this design is a type of an urban circus. The performers act with their bodies only and no text is intended for the performances. Performers are situated in their boxes and are divided from the audience with a sheet of glass distancing them so from the audience itself. The wanted effect on the audience is a feeling of a distant, yet visible parallel reality with artist performing right in front of them but without the ability to come closer to them and without the ability to touch them or interact in any way.




Coauthors: Marija Horvat and Dora Jerbić

Prague, 2011