Pool Parasite

P ool Parasite was conceived as a parasitical organism that attaches itself to the existing silo buildings. The service areas of the pool building are located inside the existing silo in which way their original serving status is not compromised. The new structure attaches itself to the existing buildings with tentacles creating a connection between the old silo complex and the new pool hall structure. By elevating the new structure from the terrain it was possible to preserve the existing pedestrian connections on the ground level. The pools located inside the new structure are of different types and shapes and are located on different levels according to their connections to the additional activities located in the existing buildings. The main sports pool is located on ground level, while the relaxation pools, sauna, sunbathing terrace and bar are located on the topmost plateau of the structure allowing the space the best possible views and sunlight. As a contrast to the heavy concrete silo buildings the new structure is conceived as a building made out of lightweight metal and glass.



Bjelovar, 2011